• jozanne hartzer

You call them Mistakes, I call them Experience.

No one else knows what is best for you. No one.

Fucking no one.

Yes, you'll make mistakes. Sure. That's okay. You're okay. Everything is okay. You're supposed to make mistakes. You're supposed to fuck up.

A boring life, is a safe life, is an unfulfilled life.

For every decision you make you will have naysayers….those are not your people.

The people who support and trust you are the people you want in your corner.

Observe the people that are happy for your happiness, who share the load of your sadness and always listen. Those. Those are the people you want in your tribe.

Find your tribe.

Follow your gut.

Follow your instincts.

Make the mistakes.

Live your fucking life.

You are a powerful fucking woman, you don't need anyone's approval.

You have everything you need already.

You have always had it.

We don't fear the failures, we fear the success and the possibilities…don't. You were made for this. You can do it.

Step into your power. Own your flaws. Own your thoughts. Direct your life the way you a powerful fucking woman.



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