• jozanne hartzer

You are Magic. Unapologetic Magic!

There is a general sense I get from all high performing women...we will never be good enough.

We are always chasing that elusive sense of accomplishment, like now I've done enough.

Like we have a little program running in the back of our minds softly whispering to us…”you will never be good enough. What you do will never be good enough”.

This little voice, this little program can cause devastation on so many levels.

One of the biggest risks for me is burnout. Full on depletion. Which turns into a struggle to actually get shit done...which perpetuates this cycle all over again.

Classic imposter syndrome I guess.

When is enough, enough?

When do you take a step back and congratulate yourself for your achievements?

When do you take a moment and marvel at how far you have come?

How much progress you have made?

If the answer is never, well then I feel it is my duty to show up and to say to you, you the powerful fucking woman reading this:

Well done.

You are enough.

Your efforts are enough.

You are recognized.

You are appreciated.

You… You are magic. Untamed. Unapologetic magic.





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