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Slow Business Dies a Slow Death

The old method of starting a business… Is slow.

Everything about the process is slow.

The old school method of creating a business was created when business was still slow.

So if everything else has changed. If we have changed. If connectivity and connection has changed and if our research and networking abilities have changed...would you still start a business the exact same way it was done 30 years ago.

The answer wouldn't. Or at least you shouldn't.

For heaven's sake… As I am typing's in the cloud already...and I can share this in an instance with all my subscribers.

So what would be the alternative?

The “lean startup”?

Something like that yes.

What if I told you the most important part of starting a business is the vision? The only other thing you need is time.

Vision holds the key to everything in life and starting a business is no different.

He who discovers the why...can suffer any how… Nietzsche.

Knowing your why is the starting point.

So how do you then determine your vision or your why?

Well start with and work through these 5 questions and by the end of will have your vision, your why.

  1. Who am I?

  2. Who do I want to become?

  3. How or for what will my future self thank me that I did in the next 3 years?

  4. If I woke up tomorrow and everything was exactly the way I dreamt it would be, what would that look like?

  5. Where do I start?

You can use these as a guideline, or to check in with yourself whenever you get lost.

For the more technical side of the business, consider hiring some resources.

A second session you can also work through is the 5 why's.

  1. Why do I want to start a business?

  2. Reframe you answer into your second why question?

  3. And so on.

  4. And so on.

  5. And so on.

By the 5th why, you will have clarity.



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