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Reframe Anxiety Away.


Reframing remains one of the most powerful ways to deal with anxiety.

It's a method to break the negative loop happening in your brain.

Reframing allows us to take a step back from it all and consciously decide to pick our thoughts.

Just because a thought presents itself, doesn't make it true.

When I find myself in a negative loop of rumination and over thinking...I, as much as I am able, try and consciously stop whatever thought pops into my head, until my thoughts don't overwhelm me anymore.

When I have a bit of breathing space I work through the thoughts...dispelling and discarding the ones that don't serve me and reframing the ones that need some attention.

Reframing is a powerful tool to bring yourself back to the present. Back to your body. Back to your essence.

So the next time when you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed ask yourself:

Is what I am thinking or feeling the truth?

Is this my thought?

Is this thought my own?

Do I remember deciding to think this thought?

Spend some time with those questions and you will be surprised to see what you find.

Living a more conscious and deliberate life can help with some of the anxious feelings you experience.



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